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Forest Gardening in Practice

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An illustrated practical guide for homes, communities & enterprises

Tomas Remiarz

A forest garden is a place where nature and people meet halfway, between the canopy of trees and the soil underfoot. It doesn’t have to look like a forest – what’s important is that natural processes are allowed to unfold, to the benefit of plants, people and other creatures. The result is an edible ecosystem.

Tony shares his 20 years experience with forest gardens in this in depth review of 14 established forest gardens and edible landscapes in Europe and the USA.


For three decades experimental forest gardens have been planted in temperate cities and rural sites, in households, neighbourhoods, community gardens, parks, market gardens and plant nurseries. Forest Gardening In Practice is the first in depth review of forest gardening with living, best practice examples. It highlights the four core skills of forest gardeners: ecology, horticulture, design, cooperation.

It is for hobby gardeners, smallholders, community gardeners and landscape professionals.

Forest Gardening In Practice features:

  • A history of forest gardening
  • Step-by-step guide to creating your own edible ecosystem
  • 14 in-depth case studies of established forest gardens and edible landscapes in Europe and the USA.
  • Chapters on integrating animals, learning, enterprises, working in community and public settings.

“Tomas Remiarz provides the reader with a survey of a maturing movement for cold-climate food forestry. His work shows the depth and breadth of this international movement, and allows us to learn from the experience of practitioners around the world.” – Eric Toensmeier

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Published April 2017
Permanent Publications

Paperback, 256pages, full colour, 200 colour photos. Illustrations, diagrams & tables throughout.
Size: 275mm x 222mm
ISBN: 9781856232937


Tomas Remiarz has been involved in creating and maintaining forest gardens across the UK and Europe for nearly 20 years. He is currently involved in a sustainable rural housing project project on a 7-acre site in Herefordshire. As a founder member of the Permaculture Association’s research advisory board he is particularly interested in studying polycultures and has produced several reports on the subject.

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