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Live like tomorrow matters

Jade Miles

Futuresteading is a stunningly illustrated practical and inspirational guide to living in a way that values tomorrow: a slower, simpler, steadier existence that is healthier for you, your home and the environment.

This welcoming handbook begins by showing how futuresteading works in an accessible and practical explainer, before venturing through six seasonal chapters – Awakening, Alive, High Heat, Harvest, The Turning, and Deep Chill – filled with inspiration for the garden, including making fences and wicking beds, along with 30+ rewarding recipes for slow, nourishing and easy meals.

Grow, store, eat, preserve and share food that deepens the connections you have with your household, your soil and those around you.

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Live like tomorrow matters: Practical skills, recipes and rituals for a simpler life

Whether you live in a city apartment, in the suburbs or on twenty acres, the principles of Futuresteading offer easy-to-understand information and hands-on ideas. Learn to grow delicious food and medicinal plants; share rituals with loved ones through the seasons; feast on healthy home-cooked food for the family; nourish body and soul with outdoor expeditions and moments of rest; and create wonders with your hands.

FUTURE STEADING – ‘living like tomorrow matters’

Clearly a cooked up term but intended to mean a mindset that intentionally takes individual action to bring about change to ensure tomorrow is steady. A play on homesteading as the actions needed are localised, simplified, slow and food oriented but importantly it’s about undertaking actions that build a new culture which values tomorrow.

It embodies our ability to shift our thinking and our actions towards the creation of a more permanent culture. It’s the cultivation of a mindset which is not reliant on big business or big government but is empowering through small, consistent shifts in our behaviour. It’s an ideal place to begin for anyone wanting to shift towards creating a simpler, richer more connected life in our current climate change crisis.
While the basis for our actions at black barn farm are farm based, the beauty of future-steading is that its a philosophical mindset which can be adapted to suit anyone, anywhere.

Who’s with me… you keen to have a crack at ‘future-steading’ with us.

– Jade Miles

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Published August 2021
Murdoch Books
320 pages, Paperback,
ISBN: 9781922351401


Jade Miles and husband Charlie Showers run Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in north east Victoria which is a magnet for visitors to learn about permaculture, homesteading, as well as to pick-their-own from some of the 98 varieties of heritage fruit and berries.
Jade co-hosts the wonderfully inspiring Futuresteading podcast with Catie Payne, is active in the media about living regeneratively, hosts schools programs and sits on a number of boards in the name of reconnecting us to nature, food and a simpler existence.

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