The Holistic Life: Sustainability through Permaculture

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A great place to start for anyone wanting to live more sustainably. Ian Lillington fulfils a need for a simple and up to date introduction to permaculture, highlighting how our own behaviour is a central issue in permaculture design.

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In this timely book, Ian Lillington sets out the vision for a sustainable planet as well as methods we can all use to get there. The time has now come to get serious about using alternatives and conserving what we already have, rather than living as if there is an unlimited supply of what we all know to be limited resources.

The first part of the book is based on the three ethics of permaculture, describing the ideal that we can work towards. It covers what is wrong with the current environmental situation and why we need permaculture’s holistic approach.

The second part provides some practical short term techniques that can be applied to ‘buy time’ as we deal with the huge environmental crisis we are mixed up with. It is based on what people are doing in towns, cities and on properties around the world.

The final part illustrates the permaculture design principles and how they can be applied to help you make choices in all aspects of life.

144 pages with colour artwork and photos (210mm x 255mm)

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