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Lammas: UK’s first planned EcoVillage – Documentary

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From the director of EcoVillage Pioneers comes this poetic tale of how nine families create beautiful natural homes and plentiful gardens from sheep-grazed farmlands in Wales.

50 min feature plus 50 mins of extras. PAL format DVD. Directed by Helen iles.

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In 2008, Pembrokeshire Council created Policy 52,  allowing low impact development under certain strict rulings. The houses were to be built from sustainable resources and the residents were to glean 75% of their household needs from the land.

In the face of legal battles and local hostility, they live with an ongoing pressure meet their targets and show success for the UK’s first planned EcoVillage, Lammas.

The essence of this story is a desperate need to access sustainable and affordable housing and to renew our relationship to the Land. How can we do this when modern systems are so geared against it? The honest accounts of these nine families contain urgent Truths for us all.

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Extras include:

Interview with natural builder Tony Wrench (8 mins):

Tony Wrench’s roundhouse in West Wales has changed the face of low impact building the world over. With its timber reciprocal frame, cosy straw bale insulation and abundant turf roof, Tony’s house has set a trend in sustainable houses, particularly in this part of Wales. Built without planning permission, Tony and his partner, Faith, have consistently defied the requests from planners to dismantle the house and in the process, have pushed the boundaries of planning in Wales and taken a strong role in helping to design new planning laws.

Episode 3 – Tinkers Bubble Community (8 mins)

Taken from the popular online series Living in the Future, this episode is one of the first – and most popular, showing the Somerset low impact settlement Tinkers Bubble.

Episode 45 – Charlie’s Natural Home next to Lammas (7 mins)

A later episode from the online series Living in the Future, this short film shows a stunning home made on land just next door to the Lammas ecoVillage. Charlie has taken the now common materials of timber frame, straw bales and turf to create a cosy, well-insulated home for his young family.

Total Running Time: 100mins. Ratio – 16:9. Format – PAL. Region – 0

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