Permaculture Design Magazine Issue: 96 – May 2015

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Building the Solar Economy

  • The Gross Society: Why Energy Profit Matters by Richard Heinberg
  • Enchanted Ecosystems: Bioshelters and Solar Greenhouses by Jason Workman
  • Designing the Passivhaus by Christina Snyder
  • Lemons in the Living Room by Sue Gray and Jerome Osentowski
  • Solar Success in the Midwest by Woodie Bessler, Darrell Boggess, Anne Heddin, & Terry Usrey
  • Planting Rain in the Desert by Jeremy Lynch
  • Active Systems for the Passive Solar House by Christina Snyder
  • Building a Solar Business by N. Ryan Zaricki
  • Perennial Grains and Pseudocereals, Part 2, by Eric Toensmeier
  • Revival of a Peer-Driven Permaculture Organization by Penny Livingston-Stark and Peter Bane
  • Species Index (Issues #75-90)

Book Reviews: Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels by Richard Heinberg (review by Peter Bane); Seed Libraries and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people by Cindy Connor (review by Peter Bane); Around the World in 80 Plants by Stephen Barstow (review by Peter Bane).

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Permaculture Design Magazine

An authoritative journal containing in-depth articles on eco-regeneration, broadscale farming systems, agroforestry, home garden design and community action. Permaculture Design has served the North American permaculture community and readers around the world for over 30 years, originally known as the Permaculture Activist. The magazine receives no public funding and has consistently garnered high regard for dedication to grassroots learning and design intelligence. Stories are from readers, activists, designers, teachers, and community organisers across America and around the world to reveal the newest discoveries in ecological systems. Working at the permaculture edge and to provide information useful to people working on the ground. Download a sample from the Decolonizing Permaculture issue here (19MB).

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