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Reinventing Fire

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Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

Amory B. Lovins

Oil and coal have built our civilisation, created our wealth, and enriched the lives of billions. Yet, their rising costs to our security, economy, health, and environment now outweigh their benefits. Moreover, that long-awaited energy tipping point – where alternatives work better than oil and coal and compete purely on cost – is no longer decades in the future. It is here and now. And it is the fulcrum of economic transformation.

A global clean-energy race has emerged with astounding speed. The ability to operate without fossil fuels will define winners and losers in business – and among nations.


In Reinventing Fire, Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute offer a new vision to revitalise business models, end-run Washington gridlock, and win the clean-energy race – not forced by public policy but led by business for enduring profit. This groundbreaking roadmap reveals market-based solutions across the transportation, building, industry, and electricity sectors. It highlights pathways and competitive strategies for a 158%-bigger 2050 U.S. economy that needs no oil, no coal, no nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas, and no new inventions.

Whether you care most about profits and jobs, national security, health, or environmental stewardship, Reinventing Fire charts a pragmatic course that makes sense and makes money. With clarity and mastery, Lovins and RMI point out the astounding opportunities for enterprise to create the new energy era.

Drawing praise from President Bill Clinton, former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane, and a host of others, Reinventing Fire has piqued the interest of world leaders, business leaders, and political strategists.

Nautilus Book Award, Gold Winner (Business/Leadership)
ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award (Business & Economics)

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Published 2013
Chelsea Green Publishing
Paperback, 334 pages.

ISBN: 9781603585385


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