Slow Clothing

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Finding meaning in what we wear

Jane Milburn

Slow Clothing reflects our own style and spirit, independent of fashion cycles. We buy thoughtfully, gain skills, and care for what we wear as an embodiment of ourselves. We – the wearers – become original, authentic and resourceful. We believe secondhand is the new organic and mending is good for the soul. In return, we are liberated and satisfied.

Slow Clothing brings wholeness through living simply, creatively and fairly.


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Jane Milburn wrote Slow Clothing: finding meaning in what we wear based on five years studying the need to transform the culture of excess in nations like Australia to a more considered approach in how we think about, buy, wear and care for our clothes. The book presents a compelling case for wearers to push back against fast-fashion which has led to exponential growth in consumption and soaring use of synthetic fibres in the past decade.

“Slow Clothing applies permaculture principles to your wardrobe and is about dressing for health and wellbeing, in keeping with the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.  The 10 ways we can reduce our material footprint are described in the Slow Clothing Manifesto:

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Published by Textile Beat, 2017
189 pages, paperback with full-colour photographs throughout.
ISBN: 9780648181705


Jane Milburn is a sustainability consultant and the founder of Textile Beat. She upcycled a career in agricultural science and communications to champion Slow Clothing as a creative and ethical way of dressing that engages hands, head and heart. Jane was awarded a 2019 Churchill Fellowship, deferred due to the coronavirus pandemic. Jane adapted by doing a Permaculture Design and Teaching Permaculture Teachers courses at Northey Street City Farm. Her recent work includes delivering ‘Permaculture in Your Wardrobe’ workshops and producing a YouTube conversation series: Arising from Disruption.

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