The Seed Savers’ Handbook

AU$ 32.95

A Permaculture Seed

Michel & Jude Fanton

Preface by Bill Mollison

Michel and Jude Fanton, the founders of Australia’s Seed Savers’ Network, show how gardeners can protect our global food heritage – and eat it too. They describe the seed collecting growth cycles, propagation, cultivation and traditional kitchen and medicinal uses of over one hundred vegetables, culinary herbs and edible flowers.

Permaculture, biodiversity, organics and companion planting are the underlying principles of this manual.


The Seed Savers’ Handbook is a complete reference for growing, preparing, and conserving 117 traditional varieties of food plants.

Michel and Jude Fanton wrote The Seed Savers’ Handbook from experience and with a great deal of research. It has been a reliable reference book not just on propagating and breeding your own vegetables, but also for how to grow and use both common (corn, tomatoes, beans, cabbages, etc.) and unusual vegetables, such as turmeric, peanuts and several species of gourds.

At early 2014, 36,000 copies of the original edition have been sold with another 30,000 copies of translations and adaptations sold around the world.

“I believe this book to be essential for all caring farmers, gardeners, cooks, and parents, and I trust that it will speed our return to good nutrition and a healthy society” – Bill Mollison

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Originally published 1993
The Seed Savers’ Network

Paperback, 176 pages, illustrations throughout, b&w.
ISBN: 0646102265


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