The Social Profit Handbook

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The essential guide to setting goals, assessing outcomes, and achieving success for mission-driven organisations

David Grant

Drawing upon decades of leadership in schools and the foundation and nonprofit worlds, author David Grant offers strategies – from creating mission time to planning backwards to constructing qualitative assessment rubrics – that help organisations take assessment back into their own hands, and improve their work as a result. His insights, illustrated by numerous case studies, make this book a unique organisational development tool for a wide range of nonprofit organisations, as well as emerging mission-based social venture businesses, such as low-profit corporations and B Corps.

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How to articulate and assess what success looks like

The Social Profit Handbook offers those who lead, govern, and support mission-driven organisations and businesses new ways to assess their impact in order to improve future work rather than merely judge past performance.

For-profit institutions measure their success primarily by monetary gains. But nonprofit institutions are different; they aim for social profit. How do you measure the success of these social profit institutions, where missions are focused on the well-being of people, place, and planet?

The Social Profit Handbook presents assessment and evaluation not as ends in themselves but as the path toward achieving what matters most in the social sector. The result: more benefits to society and stronger, more unified, more effective organisations prepared to make the world a better place.

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Published 2015
Chelsea Green Publishing
Paperback, b&w, 192 pages.
ISBN: 9781603586047

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