Adobe Homes for All Climates

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Simple, Affordable, and Earthquake-Resistant Natural Building Techniques

BY Lisa Schroder and Vince Ogletree

Two seasoned adobe builders show how modern spins on an old art can make adobe practical. Adobe has one of the lowest levels of embodied energy of any material used in construction today. Bricks can be made by hand and on-site using unskilled labor, local materials, and easily obtainable tools. Due to the forgiving nature of the slightly irregular bricks, novices can become proficient adobe bricklayers in just a day. Sturdy, solid, and energy efficient walls can be achieved by all builders to create a home that will last for generations with little to no structural maintenance.

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Adobe Homes is filled with practical tips, gorgeous pictures, useful construction drawings, and step-by-step help for anyone looking to build adobe, whether a professional or a homeowner. There are tips on earthquake resistance for locations with seismic concerns. There is extensive guidance on the often-overlooked issue of setting up your site to mix, mould, dry, store, and build with adobe bricks. The book gets into finishes, integrating windows and doors, and a lot more.

Published 2010. Full-colour photos throughout, 185 pages
Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN 9781603582575


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