Brenna Quinlan’s Everything Pack 2021

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Artwork by Brenna Quinlan

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The Everything Pack includes 8 of Brenna’s new Greeting Cards featuring fermenting and food preserving recipes, the Edible Weeds Zine guide to foraging wild and nutritious edibles, and 2 Permaculture Sticker Sets (12 in total).


Greeting Cards x 8

Blue Set x 4 and Yellow Set x 4  – Fermenting and food preservation recipes and tips. Grab a set of these inspiring greeting cards and share new skills with your loved ones. All recipes are easy to make, and require minimal ingredients (and no fancy equipment either).

Edible Weeds Zine

This handy kid-friendly field guide to freely-growing nutritious edibles can be easily taken on neighbourhood and country-side adventures.


Set of 6 Permaculture Stickers (6 designs)
Resistance is Fertile x 6 Stickers (1 design)
Showcasing Brenna’s signature designs. All stickers are 90 mm in diameter with a glossy finish. Printed by a local low-waste printery on 100% post consumer recycled paper.

About the Artist

Brenna Quinlan

Brenna spent four years living at Melliodora, the permaculture demonstration site founded by David Holmgren and Su Dennett in Central Victoria. She is currently building a strawbale house and planting her own garden at a permaculture community in the Great Southern, WA. Brenna has worked as an illustrator for several organisations including the Bob Brown Foundation, the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. She is also part of the Grow Do It permaculture teaching team, and regularly collaborates with Milkwood Permaculture and Melliodora Publishing on various projects and publications. Support Brenna on Patreon and gain access to digital downloads of her work, as well as behind the scenes footage. Sign up to her newsletter here, and follow her on Instagram.

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