Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture

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Second Edition

Rosemary Morrow

Rosemary Morrow’s fully revised and expanded second edition leads the reader step by step through a recommended course structure, providing a flexible approach which encourages the adaptation of the materials for specific bioregional and cultural conditions. With advice on teaching aids, topics for class discussion, extensive reading lists and tips on teaching adults, this book is bound to be an invaluable friend to the experienced and novice teacher alike.

Includes the FREE eBook Permaculture Teaching Matters: A Teaching Course for Permaculture Teachers (A4 192 pages)

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Permaculture Design is a powerful tool for creating systems that meet our human needs but also support the ecosystem as a whole. It applies ecological principles to designing gardens, farms, community projects, even entire human settlements. The standard 72 hour Permaculture Design (PDC) course is taught all over the world to: farmers, gardeners, design professionals and world changers who want to practically create a healthier, more equitable planet.

Rosemary Morrow offers evidence for permaculture’s effectiveness and describes each unit of the PDC’s curriculum. This fully revised and updated edition contains a wealth of technical information for teaching permaculture design and includes new findings in emerging disciplines such as regenerative agriculture.

The Permaculture Teaching Matters eBook (2015), included for free with your purchase, has been created for permaculture teachers who want to teach PDC’s more effectively. The method is an inquiry-based approach: a way of empowering the students to be pro-active in their learning needs and involved in decisions around planning and outcomes.

The Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture is of key relevance to teachers and students of architecture, landscape design, ecology and other disciplines like geography, regenerative agriculture, agro-ecology and agroforestry, as well as permaculture design.

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Published 2014
Melliodora Publishing
Paperback, 184 pages, b&w illustrations by Gabrielle Paananen throughout.
ISBN: 9780994392800


Born in Perth, Rowe was claimed early by the Earth; plants, animals, stones, weather. Some years in the Kimberleys as a young girl confirmed it. She trained in agriculture science with which she was very disappointed, then moved to France where she lived in the L’Arche community. Later at Jordans Village in England she realised she would become a Quaker. Back in Australia in the 1980s Rowe’s Permaculture Design Course provided the basis for a concern for Earth restoration. She considers permaculture to be ‘sacred knowledge’ to be carried and shared with others. Since then, when asked, she has travelled to teach the PDC to others who, due to circumstances, could not access it any other way. This took her to immediate post-war Vietnam as well as Cambodia, Uganda, Ethiopia and other countries. Rowe’s present concern is to make teaching sustainable and encourage others to succeed her as teachers.


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