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Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts

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The New Resilient Crop for a Changing Climate

Philip Rutter, Susan Wiegrefe & Brandon Rutter-Daywater

Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts is the first comprehensive guide for farmers interested in how to get started growing hybrid hazelnuts, a crop designed from the very outset to address a host of problems with conventional modern agriculture. Once hybrid hazelnuts are established, no plowing, or even cultivation, is necessary. In fact, this crop builds soil, and wildlife finds cover and food in hazelnuts all year. Economically speaking, hazelnuts have a large, existing, and unsatisfied world market, not to mention their processing potential is even greater than soybeans. They are, without a doubt, the ecological crop of the future.


Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts will appeal to small-scale and commercial farmers, both those already familiar with concepts of perennial agriculture and those interested in converting from conventional practices. Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts is a landmark book for the farming movement, offering a practical road to a hopeful future where crops build soil and the earth is regenerated, at the same time reaping profits for the farmer.

Growing Hybrid Hazelnuts covers everything you need to know about NeoHybrid hazels, the new biological entity developed by the authors, including:

  • The source of the species and the making of a directed hybrid
  • The historical use of hazels as a staple food in Europe and Asia;
  • The nutrient composition of the crop;
  • The benefits of woody agriculture
  • Site requirements: slope, soils, soil tests;
  • Planting and the establishment period;
  • Managing the productive plantation, including maintaining biodiversity;
  • When to harvest, and harvesting options (hand or machine);
  • Processing, from harvest to market
  • Value-added options (oil, meal, nut butters);
  • Co-products and their values
  • The state of the world hazel market, and more

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Published 2015
Chelsea Green Publishing
Paperback, 272 pages.
ISBN: 9781603585347

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