Local is Our Future

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Steps to an Economics of Happiness

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Local is Our Future connects the dots between our social, economic, ecological and spiritual crises, revealing how a systemic shift from global to local can address these seemingly disparate problems simultaneously.

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Distilling the wisdom gleaned from four decades of activism and direct experience internationally , Helena deconstructs the old narrative of ‘progress’ through technological advance and corporate growth, while presenting a concise and compelling case for economic localisation.

Her arguments are supported by real-world examples which prove that beneath the radar of the mainstream media, healthy and vibrant futures, built upon connection to nature and community, are already in the making.

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Published 2019
Local Futures Publishing

160 pages, 152 x 230mm
ISBN: 9781732980402


Author and filmmaker Helena Norberg-Hodge is the founder and director of Local Futures. A pioneer of the ‘new economy’ movement, she has been promoting an economics of personal, social and ecological well-being for more than thirty years. In addition to authoring Local is Our Future, Helena produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary The Economics of Happiness, and is the author of Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh, described as “an inspirational classic”.
She was honoured with the Right Livelihood Award (or ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’) for her groundbreaking work in Ladakh, and received the 2012 Goi Peace Prize for contributing to “the revitalisation of cultural and biological diversity, and the strengthening of local communities and economies worldwide.”

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