Plant Spirit Gardener

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Alanna Moore

Down-to-earth esoteric wisdom from Australian-Irish geomancer Alanna Moore. Everything a sensitive gardener needs to know to profoundly connect with Mother Nature, from the ancient art of dowsing (also called divining) to its application to gardening, improving the feng shui and co-creating with the devas – the fairy kingdom.

As well as giving the background of ancient folklore, there are scientific insights and descriptions from modern day clairvoyants to illuminate the spiritual realities of life and landscape. You can even use this book as a practical divining tool for learning to dowse, experience the other dimensional worlds and energetically enhance the environment. By following the suggested exercises and applying dowsing to the summaries, charts and lists provided for guiding your way, honing the intuitive faculties can be easy.

Self-discover and practice the fascinating art of gardening with the devas.


Table of Contents

Chapter one: What plants give us
The benefits bestowed by plants, Tree of Life, Sacred trees, Trees and serpents of knowledge, Plant interactions, Aboriginal tree telephones, Aboriginal Birthing Tree, Plants and our health, Forest therapy.

Chapter two: Plant spirits
Who are the plant spirits? Corn Gods, Plant totems, Tree Gods, The Green Man, Tree traditions in Europe, House spirits, Irish fairy bushes and haunted trees, Encounters with Forest Devas.

Chapter three: Herbs, Fairies and Healing
Shamanic herbalism, French herbal maverick, Irish herbal fairy lore, Biddy Early, Welsh fairy herb doctors, Ireland’s ancient herb hospitals, Therapeutic Gardening.

Chapter four: Connecting with plant spirits
The Findhorn experience, Spirits of the herbs, Flower essences, Healing trees, Trees to the Rescue!, Music of the Plants, Initiating tree spirit contact, Developing love of nature and the plant kingdom, Tree Meditation, Fairy Meditation, Communicating with plant devas summary, Connecting and Healing with Herb Devas summary.

Chapter five: Plant Energies
Electrical nature of trees, Bees and flowers talk to each other, Plants and cosmos, Diamagnetism and paramagnetism, Subtle anatomy, Tree emotions, Spiral Force, Critical rotational position, Fundamental Ray and Front Door, Communication waves and lines, The nature of dryads, Man of the Trees, Unhealthy energies, Electro-smog effects.

Chapter six: Dowsing plant energies
How to dowse for questions and answers, Plant dowsing questions, Measuring by dowsing, Dowsing for a friendly tree, Sacred Tree dowsing chart, Tree aura bathing, Plant aura dowsing, Plant energy spirals, Tree spiral dowsing technique, Tree chakra dowsing, Plant spirit dowsing, Drawing up the Sap, Indoor plant fairy, Dowsing sick trees, Energetic enhancement by visualisation.

Chapter seven: Dowsing in the Garden
Seed dowsing and magnetising, Select most suitable species, Determine soil corrections, Garden dowsing lists, Match plants with companion species, Dowse for best planting location and orientation, Trees and the Curry Grid, Find best day and time to plant, Determine if plants are affected by noxious energies, Moscow’s sick street trees – Dowser to the rescue!, Determine if soil is polluted, Determine plant healing methods, Geomantic garden design, Garden Energy Harmonising and Enhancement dowsing list, Determine best harvesting techniques, amounts and times, Select best location for earthing, Garden Dowsing Applications Summary.

Chapter eight: Gardening with the devas
Where can garden devas be found? What do devas think of us? Flowers, fairies and tree connectons, Cut flowers and displaced devas, Flower blues, Co-creating with the devas, Biodynamic garden fairy, Luther Burbank’s plant magic, Being a friend to your plants, Tane – god of New Zealands’ forests, Keep fairy homes and pathways free from interference, Plant ‘green ribbons’, sacred trees and Deva Stations, Maintain only good thoughts in the garden, Negative thoughtforms, Keep fairy areas toxin and metal free, New Bronze Age, Re-locate plant devas if necessary, Gardening with the Devas summary.

Chapter nine: Divine gardening
Temple gardens, Good feng shui in the garden, Feng shui Landscaping List, Blessing seeds and plants, Harvest and thanksgiving, Ceremonies at harvest time, Effects of song and dance, Garden altars and spirit houses, Gardening magic in the Pacific Islands, Garden sanctuary, Creating sacred sites, Fairyfield dreaming, What if you don’t have a garden? Divine Gardening Summary.

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Published November 2016
Python Press

206 pages, 106 full colour images throughout along with eleven dowsing charts and 9 diagrams.
ISBN: 9780975778296


Master dowser with over 30 years experience, Alanna helped to found the New South Wales Dowsing Society in 1984 and is now a patron of the Australian Dowsers Society. She is the author of seven books, has made 21 films and has produced several magazines about dowsing in Australia since 1982. She has extensively traveled around Australia teaching dowsing and geomancy, and building Power Towers to enhance plant growth. Since 2000 she has been an international speaker and teacher, presenting in New Zealand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Holland, Poland, Sweden, UK and Ireland. Alanna is also a permaculture farmer and teacher specialising in ‘sensitive permaculture’ design.

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