The Good Life

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How to Grow a Better World

Hannah Moloney

From growing your own food to composting, building a rocket stove to car sharing, The Good Life will show you how living an ordinary life can make an extraordinary contribution to countering the climate emergency. Whether you have a half-acre, a backyard, a tiny balcony or no balcony at all, there are tips and tricks to suit everyone.

Full of wisdom, hope and inspiration, The Good Life is your ultimate guide to improving your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you to create a better world for all.


Praise for The Good Life:

‘Hannah makes my heart smile. Her honesty, insight and conviction are the building blocks of the good life.’ – Costa Georgiadis

Have a look at her new, wonderfully informative youtube channel:


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Published August 2021
Affirm Press
Paperback, 304 pages, full colour throughout.
ISBN: 9781922419385


Based in nipaluna/Hobart, Hannah Moloney is a permaculture landscape designer, educator and change maker. For the past two decades she’s been getting her hands dirty in the garden, community change projects, political and front line activism, and on national TV as a guest presenter with the legendary Gardening Australia. When she’s not working on growing a better garden and world, Hannah is having a crack at playing the ukulele, trying to master the ever-elusive chin up, plaiting her daughter’s hair and hugging her goats.



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